Recording with Safari browser

I use MAC to record a test but I cannot record with Safari Browser.

I can execute a test recorded with Chrome, IE or any other browser.

I do have a Mac Book and want to know how to record a test recorded on Safari.

Katalon Studio does not support recording on Safari, only Chrome and Firefox are supported :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if and when it will?

Justin Harper said:

Does anybody know if and when it will?

The only way you could would be to rework the Chrome Katalon Recorder for Safari. And you’d need to know what’s involved in creating an Extension for Safari and that would just be a starting point.

I have been able to get recordings to playback well without using the Old Selenium 2.4.8 driver. Apple provides their own ‘safaridriver’ now, so there is not need to install that driver. So that’s a good sign. The rest is getting Katalon Recorder running in Safari and get it to talk back to the Katalon Server/Studio.

For the most part if it runs in Chrome and Firefox, your recordings should run in Safari. And if any changes are needed it should be pretty minor. So I am pretty sure recording in Safari for now is low on the totem poll.

That said, when I was looking at the Chrome Driver code that Katalon uses to extend a recording capabilities of Chrome, I did see hooks to Safari.

not true, if you record on chrome or ff - I’m pretty certain 85% of the tests will fail on safari. It’s probably some xpath and various objects/elements selection needs to be tweaked, but that probably means if you get it running on safari, those tests would probably fail in chrome and FF.

One can always duplicate tests and object repo and make it work for specifically Safari… but that’s a heavy lift. Simplest solution would be for Katalon to support Safari as a browser to record tests on.