"url" value change in SOAP request

Hi ,
I want to change the url and host in the request sent , currently request url is taken from wsdl file
<soap:address location=“http://localhost/ClaimComplaintsService”/>
I want to point to different url that is not mentioned in the wsdl.

For REST we have getResturl and setResturl option but i can;t find one for Soap to set the url.

Any help is really appreciated


Hi Team,
Do you have any update for the WS request


I have the same use case where i have to change the end url as per the required test env.

Please can we have a response

Hi @gkumaravel84, @coolrakesh147,
Please use setWsdlAddress.

Thanks for checking, I tried with setWsdlAddress, but when we send the request after setting the wsdladdress still it points the old endpoint in the request. I am still using Katalon 6.x, Can you please let me know if this issue is resolved in newer version