SOAP Request: override WSDL service address

Hi, I need to test a SOAP web service that specifies the service address as

I it possible to create a Web Service Request (under Object Repository) and then instruct Katalon not to use the service address found on the WSDL and rather use mine?


once you create the test object, no matter how, by importing wsdl or manualy, you can edit whatever properties of it

Right, but Katalon still uses the specified service address on the wsdl. I’d like the address specified in the URL for the Test Object to be the one used.

The workaround I found is to save the WSDL locally, change the to the address I want and then import the requests from it or reference it in the creation of the object.

Which Katalon version are you using ?
Trying to send request this way I’m getting

so I beleive Katalon is treating:

as an URL