How to add Soap endpoint to a request before Sending

Hi Im trying to add soap override soap address default in the wsdl as below but it fails.

Endpoint = “http://myaddress:port/service”
RequestObject request = findTestObject(‘Request Object’)
request.getHttpHeaderProperties().add(new TestObjectProperty("endpoint ", ConditionType.EQUALS, Endpoint))

Any Help on this will be much appreciated.

what is the error message you get?

Unable to send request (Root cause: Server returned HTTP response code: 504 for URL: http://localhost:8755/CommonServices/Services/services-service0.serviceagent/ServicesEndpoint0)

Meaning my code to override the endpoint is not working

I’m afraid that Katalon Studio not support the feature yet. Do you have other places support the feature so that we could have it supported in KS?

Groovy Supports this as well as Soap UI,Where one is able to add endpoints.
This is an example of a groovy script that overrides the address in the WSDL defination .['endpoint'].setValue('new endpoint')Please consider to add this in Future

I got your point. It might not relate to the script mode. The above script is changing value of a property in test case and this property is a part of the end-point. That is the reason why SoapUI could do that. Lets me think whether Katalon Studio has the feature or not now.

Thank you. if you happen to find a way please share…