uploading test results from Katalon to TestRail in Jenkins run

I am trying to upload test results from Katalon to TestRail using dockerfile and Jenkinsfile. Every time I run the Jenkins job, I am installing Katalon studio but I don’t know the command for installing the TestRail plugin.
My dockerfile contains below code:
FROM katalonstudio/katalon:8.1.0
ADD . / tmp/project/

and also Do I need to make any changes in my Jenkins file ?

Hi @nikhilrpatil027, :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Katalon Community!

Please find below the links to install the TestRail plugin and configuration guide for TestRail and Katalon Studio…

Please let us know if it helps. Thanks :+1:

I was able to integrate it manually but installing the testRail plugin in Jenkins run seems difficult

I am not getting how to setup testRail.username , testRail.password, testRail.url, testRail.project values in Jenkins run