TestRail Integration

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Had a bit of trouble setting up the TestRail integration within Katalon Studio. To save some people time, thought I’d share that I found that you need to input the project ID not the project name in the “Project” field. The way to find that;

  1. Open your project in TestRail
  2. View the TestRail Project URL (see example)
    ex. https:///index.php?/projects/overview/

@eddie.ferris Thank you for your information. The document will be updated soon

Hello. What is your pricing for TestRail integration plug in?

I have currently installed the plugin. What will happen after the 30-day expiry period?


Hi, how can we install plugin on the linux server with console mode?

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Hello. Something has happened to this plugin. When I try to integrate with Test rail and run my test suite, I get the following error TestRail API returned HTTP 403(“This operation is not allowed. The test run belongs to a test plan and cannot be edited independently.”)

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@vadim.po Please use Store’s API Key in your command (which can be generated conveniently from Katalon Studio toolbar).

how to integrate testrail plugin in dockerize katalon container ??

My organisation already have a subscription for TestRail but its from different account. How can I use it to integrate with Katalon for which i have signed up with the different one ?

Hi @sagar.kathuria,

Which plugin licenses have you subscribed? As Corporate licenses are transferrable, you can remove the current account and add the different one. However, Team licenses do not provide this feature, so if you’ve got the Team licenses, you need to upgrade your licenses to Corporate to change other accounts.

Please refer to FAQs section for more details.

Thank you.

TestRail plugin works fine from Katalon studio, but it doesn’t work using katalon runtime engine under jenkins.
Is there any extra setup that is needed?

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The TestRail plugin is a part of the Katalon Studio Enterprise. Why I don’t see the TestRail plugin in the My Plugin section in Katalon Store?
If I go here https://store.katalon.com/product/13/TestRail-Integration - all I can see is the Subscribe now.
I have a paid version of the the Katalon Studio Enterprise.
I downloaded the plugin from the https://store.katalon.com/product/13/TestRail-Integration/change-logs
and put into project plugins and installed it in Katalon -> Install plugin but if you try to run the Reload plugins it will be gone and you have to install it again.
Guys, that is awful as for something that is not free.

Hi @Vitallica,

Please put the plugin package to the Plugins folder in Katalon Studio with the following structure:



 |___ platform

         |___ IDE plugin 1.jar

         |___ IDE plugin 2.jar

         |___ ....

         |___ IDE plugin n.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 1.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 2.jar

 |___ ...

 |___ Custom keyword plugin n.jar

Note that TestRail plugin is an IDE plugin so you need to create platform folder and put it into that folder.
After completing these steps, let’s reload plugins and you will see it appear in the plugin list.


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Thanks, Beo, it works.

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For example I have 20 test suites and I’d like to put their results in testrail, how can I achieve this without renaming all these 20 test suites? I tried use test suite listener and prepend a run id to the test suit id but it seems like plugin read their test suit ids before listener.

have you find a solution?