Integration of other Test Management tool


do you plan to integrate other Test Management system than qTest?




We would like to see support for the following test management tools added:

TestLink (Open Source)
Zephyr for Jira



Hey @quentin and @“Don Welsh”

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have added this integration request to our (quite long) development queue. Also, I will definitely share this case with the team.
Please feel free to add more details so Katalon team knows how the integration help you.

Thanks for choosing Katalon Studio,

Hello Liam,

Thanks for your answer, maybe integration with HipTest could be great!
We are using BDD but we have a Jira cloud version and can not use your Jira plugin to export test case to Katalon.
I would use Katalon with test management tool to write test case on my test management tool, export them to the Test management tool, and synchronize test result between both (CI result if possible…)

Moreover, do you have a public roadmap to check future improvements of Katalon Studio?
Thanks, and keep the good work :slight_smile:

I also think a public roadmap would be helpful. Or at least a quick list of planned features you are working on, so we know whats coming and we don’t spend time suggesting things you already have on the roadmap. Thanks

Noted. I will share your case for team discussion.

@“Don Welsh”,
We are actually working on Roadmap for 2018 and planned to release to the public once it’s finalized. So stay tuned!

Thanks again guys and Happy Holidays!

@Liam B,
I appreciate all you and the Katalon team do.
Happy Holidays!


@“Liam B”

Do you guys plan to have this features to export it as Javascript ?

@Don Welsh We are planning for TestRail integration with Katalon. Can you help us how we can achieve this.

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@yogendra I am not familiar with TestRail. Perhaps someone who works for Katalon can help you.

I would also be please to have some help to integrate with TestRail

Hi We are also trying to Integrate TestRail with Katalon… Any one can help on this ???

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I just checked your roadmap and have few questions regarding integration of other test management tool.
I see in Q3 integration with ALM. Is there any other tool which will be integrated and not mentioned?
Or maybe there will be an option to handle test cases through Katalon Analytics?



@3140-yogendra , @Ramesh Duraisamy were you able to integrate test rail using external libraries? Any pointers here would help. Even I am looking for a solution. Our older Selenium scripts are right now automatically updating test cases in testRail post execution. We are continuing our scripts on Katalon, but we dont have a way to use testRail with katalon yet.

Hi Vikas ,

Yes we have integrated the katalon with Test Rail .
Download the API for Test Rail and Import the same in Eclipse .

Then Convert this project to Jar files and Drop it in the External folder of Katalon .

Then you will be able to access the API Client in Katalon.

Katalon Screen Print:




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Hi Ramesh,

I’m a QA trying to get my head round your post.
Could you pelase let me know where did you download the API for TestRail integration from?


Hi Dorota ,

you can download it in the API in the below link

Thank you @Ramesh Duraisamy , it helped me to integrate TestRail.

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Hi Ramesh

I am very new to Katalon and TestRail
world. I have followed all the steps as you have mention to integrate
TestRail with Katalon. But I am not sure what I supposed to do after I drop the
jar file in extension folder. I wasn’t able find the TestRail integration feature
in katalon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.