Uploading Specific test data to a Specific Analytics project


i was unsure of which category to place this in

After running a test suite, it will automatically (if the integration is enabled for Katalon Analytics) upload the test suite to the project that was chosen in (project>settings>integration>Katalon Analytics.)

Is there a way to specify which test suite data is uploaded to a specific analytics project with out having to manually change the analytics project before each test run?

is this a feature or would it have to be added?

Thank you in advance.

@brianconril.rj I always have Katalon Analytics option turned on. But to give your scenario a try I would suggest you to turn this off and every-time you run a specific test suite you can manually trigger to push the report to Katalon.

If you have Katalon Analytics turned off I think then this option will give you 2 options.

@manpreet.mukkar Thank you so much for your swift response.
i appreciate your suggestion however this only makes the process more manual.

since i would have to access each specific test report after running the suite and then upload it.

@brianconril.rj That was my mistake, I understood your question in the wrong way. I thought you only want to push the results of some specific test suites into the same analytics project.

I found a partial solution by uploading the tests reports to Katalon Analytics by using the command line.