Uploading Katalon Execution results to Analytics

Hi Experts,

I have scheduled katalon execution using .bat scripts, however that is just executing my test cases and results are sitting in reports section.
Can some one please help me to modify the script to upload execution results to analytics as well.


You can turn on automatic upload of test results to Katalon Analytics:

Project Settings > Integration > Katalon Analytics > Enable integration [check], Automatically submit test run result [check]

Hi Mate,

I have already done this but this works when I open katalon and execute test cases, however if I use script to execute test cases ( without opening Katalon) , test cases are not getting uploaded.


Hi uma,

As you mentioned above, are you executing test cases by itself? If yes, please create a test suite or test suite collection for your test cases.
Katalon Studio only generates test execution reports for Test Suite/Test Suite Collection level to be pushed to Katalon Analytics. Test case execution will not have.