I ran a test case and trying to view the execution report but not able to see it. Iam not seeing Katalon Analytics option like the one in screenshot attached. Please guide me on this. Thank you so much.

@rani_tem There have been few changes around test reporting.

  • The reports folder is now gone - You will see reports for a given test suite in the Results tab within the test suite.

  • The Manual Upload of analytics can be done through that tab.

You would need to turn on Katalon Analytics to see the Katalon Analytics option I believe.

As per your suggestion, i am trying to add the test cases to Test Suite but they are not getting added to the Test Suite. This is another issue. Please help me on this too. Thank you.

@rani_tem Are you getting an error when you try to add test cases to an existing test suite?

Where are you specifically getting an error? Can you please share some screenshots of what you are seeing?

I just tried to replicate what you are saying but didn’t face any issue :

Nevermind…its working fine now after relaunching Katalon. Thank you though for your quick response.

@rani_tem Glad to hear that it worked.

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