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I set up Git for my instance of Katalon. I used the “Connect to Git with HTTPS” method and everything went fine. I was able to Clone an existing repository and update it with no issues. However, on the GIT instance itself, I had to change my password. Now all I get is a “cannot connect to Git” error. I cannot find anywhere in Katalon Studio to update my password to connect to Git. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Edward @em817m, by Git you mean Github, then they change their credentials policy. You must create a unique personal access token as your new password. Follow this doc here to create your personal access token.

@chen.lee I think the OP is asking how to change the password in Katalon (after he changed in a certain Git host).

@em817m You have to repeat the ‘clone’ step as mentioned in: Git Integration | Katalon Docs

The doc is a bit confusing …

Thanks for your reply but my situation is, we use CodeCloud where I work and the policy is we have to change the PWD often. I moved my local directory to a backup and cloned the CodeCloud repository again with the new PWD. Then copied everything I updated to the new clone directory and ran a “Commit”. Everything is working as desired at this point.

My only complaint is you would think that there would be a way to simply have a window where one can update the Git repository, (in my case CodeCloud), access PWD for the Katalon interface and be done.

Oh well.

your complain seems legit for my eyes, current options available in katalon are confusing.
@vu.tran can you bring this into the attention for development teams?
consider it as a feature / improvement request.

Raised this with the Product Team and they also said that for Katalon Studio and Git Integration, users can not use the Git password directly. User needs to generate the Personal Access Token from Git and then pass it as the Git Password. So you would still need to access your remote repo account, get the password/token (this varies on repo hosting service) and repeat the ‘clone’ step.

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Thank you everyone for the joint effort. We talked to our Product team and current situation is pretty much what Chen shared. We keep it in our backlog for further investigation and development. Great contributions!