I want to use the Git , need some help on this

I am new to use Git and I want to use it in Katalon. I am following this document https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Git+Integration for Git integration. In ‘Source Git repository’ what all I have to put? It is mentioned as below in the document, but I need some more details of which Repository URL, Username, Password I need to use. Where can I get the Git repository? Is there any other pre-requisites before following this Katalon document for Git.

Repository URL The URL to your Git repository (Should be in HTTPS protocol).
Username The username to access the Git repository.
Password The password to access the Git repository.

Hi Srabanti,

1. In case you already have a Git repository, you should follow the Clone Project section then input your Repository and your credential.

2. In case you haven’t created a Git repository yet, you should follow the Share Project section after creating a Git repository on any Git server (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab).


My “Share Repository” never become selectable. I have followed all of the steps provided in your help guide.

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