No longer able to login with usual git user / password

I’m no longer able to do perform any git workflows. I know that our git repository was shifted to the cloud recently, but can’t think of anything else that’s changed. I updated the new git repository url under Git configuration, but to no avail.

Could someone guide me to how this can be resolved.
I enter the username and password and press ‘OK’ but the login pop-up just reappears. (image attached)


Are you on windows? I’ve come across a similar issue on different projects before.

If you are on windows. open Windows credentials manager and remove all forms of git authorizations. sometimes a conflict between credentials causes this issue. Basically git just doesn’t know which one to use. Then, open git bash on the the project folder and pull the project. Git bash will ask for your credentials there and that should solve the conflicts. Katalon should work fine afterwards.

Which provider for git do you use? In bitbucket for example you have to set a app password in your profile settings…
Maybe thats your Problem