Unable to test soap srequest nor load wsdl

Im trying to run a soap request from a wsdl stored on my desktop and getting neither response nor any error message nor i can see my Run/Stop button in active mode.PFA for requesr and repsonse

  1. i tried cliking on _TestRequest,_its asking do you want to save changes and i click ok but no respone nor err mssg
  2. Click on Load From WSDL is not showing any effect



Unfortunately, Katalon Studio has not supported loading the local WSDL yet. It is on our roapmap so we may expect to have the feature on next releases.

In the mean time, could you tried to use the real url of the service?

We have supported importing SOAP request from a local WSDL file. Please refer to https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/import-soap-requests-from-wsdl.html#generic-project for more information.