Wsdl works in SoapUI but not in Katalon

In my company I would like to integrate SoapUI requests for testing purposes. The following request works in SoapUI and returns a response back, but in Katalon I get the Exception “Canot send the test request” with the following reason: java.lang.NullPointerException


I have also tested a small project on the web with wsdl file (Addition) and Katalon and it works. I created a test for the Addition.

So now I am sitting here and asking myself why does the following wsdl work with SoapUI but not with Katalon. Is there maybe some setting I did not see in Katalon or is it not possible for Katalon to work with this kind of request or is it maybe a bug ?
Here is the wsdl file:

createOrUpdate.xml (8.2 KB)

Hi @michael.dehenn,
Can you share your WSDL file?

Hi @huynguyen,
the wdsl is added to my problem with the name: createOrUpdate.xml

Hi @michael.dehenn,
The file attached seem to be a request message, not a WSDL file. Please send the correct one. Also, please help by sharing with me your request file (.rs file).