Unable to start application on this device: an unknown server-side (Windows)

I got this error after I set to debug, and follow the step by step from katalon web.

unable to start application on this device: an unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error packageAndLaunchActivityFromManyfest failed. Original error: Could not find aapt.exe.in …

please help me because I really need learn about katalon, thanks

Please provide more details following with template from this post: https://forum.katalon.com/discussion/4405/read-this-first-before-reporting-an-issue-bug#latest :slight_smile:

You don’t need to provide all information, just provide necessary information.

@Vinh Nguyen

this is my requirement :

**OS **(Windows 10)

Katalon Studio Version (

## Environment (for Mobile testing)

* Appium version ( 1.7.1 ):

* Mobile platform/version under test( Android 7):

* Real device or emulator/simulator ( Asus Zen-phone (simulator)? ):

## Expected Behavior -

Go to test case

## Actual Behavior -

Error, can’t continue to the next step

## Screenshots / Videos (sorry I don’t know how to upload image here)



Hi Muhammad,

Based on your attached screenshot, I suggest you go to these locations to see if there is a file called aapt.exe there

Sir @“Vinh Nguyen”

I couldn’t find file (aapt.exe) on platform-tools.
also I don’t have emulator,tools, folder on my sdk.
and the last on folder 27.0.2 it’s empty folder

here is I can find my aapt but on .py


I can see all of that is .py (?). Looks like that there is a misconfiguration from your machine, so in this case you should double check again other .exe files to see if it behaves the same.

@“Vinh Nguyen”

no item match sir when I searched aapt.exe on file (.katalon)

@“Vinh Nguyen”

so what should I do sir?? because I still couldn’t find aapt.exe on folder .katalon

I’m not sure about this statement “when I searched aapt.exe on file (.katalon)” , how do you search it? Based from your screenshot, your aapt.exe file there, but currently it’s treated by .py. So in this way please adjust your system to not treat .exe file like that

Hi Alex,
Even I am getting appt.py how to make it use as .exe
kindly help


Shruti Saxena said:

Hi Alex,
Even I am getting appt.py how to make it use as .exe
kindly help



@Vinh Nguyen
Can you help me understand the problem I am facing?


I am facing the same error.

Screen Shot 2561-03-28 at 11.35.15.png

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I am the same with emulator Android Studio with CPU/ABI ARM64


Even I am facing the same issue…To fix it what you want me to do…Please send me the steps

Many people facing the same issue but still there is noone come out with a proper explanation or step to short this problem. Please somebody share your knowledge and let us know how we solve this problem . I am also facing the same issue in iOS

I have the same problem, any solutions yet?

Guys I have found the solution and i think katalon team should hire me because nobody from their side come in front with a proper solution.

Solution :
In iOS first you uninstall the application from your device .
Open your Xcode go to window then Device & Simulator and then add your application again
Now try ,it will work.

You can try it


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