Unable to see Test reports in katalon TestOps

I have created Organization and also projects-But still when I run Test suite in Katalon Studio-I am unable to see the synced information in Katalon Testops.

I still see the Reports under the reports section but missing in Katalon Testops.

Can you please help?

Hi @prethiya.prakasam,

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Hope this document can help you:


Thanks vu…I really understand how Katalon Testops works.

But my concern is when I use KSE v8.5.5-its not synced.But when I try to use lower version v8.3.0 and when I use Katalon Testops to sync the Organization-It only works.

I dont find any manual options for re-fetching organization.

Is there anyway to support this?

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Thank you for sharing this with me. Let me check, meanwhile others from this forum can support you too.

Can you check if this document helps?

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