How to use TestOps in KS 7.0.1

I have updated Katalon to latest version 7.0.1. I see TestOps option but when I click and try to connect, then I am getting an error that it cannot get organization ID

But if open Katalon analytics, then I can successfully log in and see the organization.

Hi @Bhawna_Rani!
Have you tried deactivate Katalon Studio and tried online activation?

No I didn’t try that yet. I didn’t look at that how to deactivate Katalon?

@Bhawna_Rani Just to verify can you make sure that your KSE or RE trial is not expired ?

I just updated the KS version from 6.3.3. to 7.0.1 3 days ago on Tuesday. If 1 month trial automatically kicks in then KSE and RE should be valid. If it is not valid, then I think it should show the correct message that your trial version has been expired some like that.

@Bhawna_Rani You can check that from about section. I also updated last week but my trail is saying that it will finish by Oct 27.


So I don’t think trail period is being calculated correctly.

Yes, it shows the same expiration date to me as well October 27

Hi @Bhawna_Rani

May I know more about how you have activated Katalon Studio 7.0.1?


Hi @Jass If you are currently on version 6.3.3, Go to help menu and click on ‘check for updates’. It will show you the new version available, then click on download button.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, offline activation is currently not supported in KSE and RE trial license. If you want to connect to Katalon TestOps, you need to online activate it. On the top right corner > Account > Deactivate > Reactivate.


Thank you so much @Jass it worked


:fu: for me too

Hi! is there any possibility to get detailed report from TestOps to Slack channel? Currently I’m just informed if build failed or not. If would be great to have more details.

Sorry, I haven’t tried and don’t know is there any possibility to get a detailed report on Slack. I have asked a similar question in another thread but haven’t got any reply

@aukse.zirgule Currently Katalon doesn’t do that but in TestOps in Notifications settings, you can do something like this that will send you an email notification for every test suite execution. This might not be suitable for your exact requirement but just sharing an idea.

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