TestOps Simple Report Required

Am I the only person who finds TestOps confusing to use and not very helpful? I’ve really tried to like it, I promise.
As an example, my manager asked if I can provide a very basic statistic… how many times has each test case been executed. I was certain that this must be possible through TestOps, but if it IS there, I’m not navigating my way through the labyrinth of menus correctly.
Related to this (and perhaps one of the reasons I’m so confused here) is that we use a mixture of floating and seat licenses, and these (for some reason) have to be in separate organizations, so floating licenses are set up under our main organization, but the couple of seat licenses we have are under an “admin” organization. At first it wasn’t even obvious how to switch from one to another in TestOps, until I discovered that clicking on the TestOps log in the top left then allows me to select which Organization I want to view.
I just kicked off a test suite execution using an Azure DevOps pipeline, which runs my test suite remotely (on an ADO “Agent” machine) with the KRE. I don’t see any details of this execution in TestOps under the main organization or the admin organization. Do I need to do anything special (perhaps in the KRE command line) to tell it to upload results? In the command line output it says “Report has been sent to Katalon TestOps”… but I think it’s lying! Any words of wisdom please?

Hi, I am also looking for an answer to this same question. Anybody have any tips? All of our licenses are node-locked, for what its worth, but I am unable to get reports from tests run through Azure DevOps to show up in TestOps. Integration has been turned on and it works fine when run through katalon studio.