Unable to see Git Button in katalon UI for Windows 64 Bit laptop even after Enable Git Integration as checked

Weird but tried a lot in finding why i am unable to see Git Button in toolbar after Setting Enable Git Integration as checked
and did all steps mentioned here:-

Can some one help,mine is a brand new dell laptob with window 10 64 bit

It should be here

Yes, it should be there. But both the JIRA buttons and the Git button is missing from my toolbar. Tarun, the OP, was posting this question for me.

I have enabled Git Integration in the Settings.
I have enabled JIRA integration in the Project Settings.
I have checked the compatibility option to to overide High DPI scaling. (I’m using a 4K monitor on my laptop, but my secondary monitors are 1080p)
I have tried installing an older version of Katalon.

None of these options have fixed the issue and I can’t do work on our project since I have no other way of interacting with Git through Katalon.

Is there not an option to customize the toolbar?