Menu entries of the Git menu are disabled on Katalon Studio start

Operating System Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

Katalon Studio logs Can’t be shared due to privacy issues.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new Katalon Studio project for web testing
  • Integrate the project with a git repository
  • Git menu entries are enabled
  • Restart Katalon Studio
  • Previously opened project reopens, git menu entries are disabled
  • Open up Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Team > Git > Configuration
  • Close configuration dialog without doing anything (e.g. hit cancel)
  • Git menu entries are miraculously enabled again

Expected Behavior As soon as git is integrated with a Katalon Studio project, the necessary git menu entries should always be enabled.

Actual Behavior The git menu entries are somehow disabled upon restart of Katalon Studio and they are somehow enabled upon opening Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Team > Git > Configuration. Very weird.

Hi @Gecko,

Thank you for your attention,
We already tried to reproduce your issue on both Mac and Windows and it works fine.
Could you try upgrading Katalon Studio to 8.2.0 beta to see if the problem persists?

Nam Nguyen.

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