For schedule run test it just purchase katalon test cloud?

Hello, I need to run tests with a scheduler, is it only necessary to purchase a katalon test cloud license as in the following notification?
because I need katalon testops too that web based to operate the scheduler, is it katalon testops free ?

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I will ask my team and back to you soon


With the feature of scheduling test run on TO, you will have 4 environments: TestCloud, Local Agent, CircleCI, and Kubernetes. If you would like to use TestCloud env, you must have a TestCloud license (either by purchasing or a 30-day trial when creating a new account). You can run with 3 other environments without the need for TC license. Hope this will be clear to you.

Thanks @Elly_Tran , which package should to buy for run the test schedule in test ops, is it package no 2?


Please reach out to the chatbot to get the consultation as the following:

Thank you!