Unable to run recorded actions under Web Recorder in Katalon Studio Enterprise (Trial)


  1. Katalon Studio Enterprise (Trial) is installed.
  2. Version: 8.6.6 (Build: 208) is in use.

Test Steps:

  1. Launch Katalon Studio and create a new project.
  2. Navigate to the Web Recorder panel.
  3. Enter a valid URL in the URL field.
  4. Click on the ‘Record’ button and perform various actions on the web page.
  5. Complete the recording and review the list of recorded actions.
  6. Without saving the recorded script, click on the ‘Run’ button.

Expected Result:

  • The whole test case with all recorded actions should execute, starting with the action performed on the provided URL.

Actual Result:

  • Only the site defined in the URL field is launched, and no further recorded actions are executed.

Post Steps:

  1. Save the recorded script.
  2. Navigate to the saved script and click on the ‘Run’ button.

Expected Post Steps Result:

  • The saved script, with all recorded actions, should execute successfully.

Additional Notes:

  • The issue only occurs when trying to run the script directly from the ‘Web Recorder’ panel.
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Why would you do that?
The recorder is just a helper (which IMHO is just a blocker in the process) but how do you expect the project to be updated with ‘automagically objects’ (another abomination) ?

Aside of that, your ‘issue’ it is reported in a wrong section.
Katalon Recorder is a different product, you are reffering here to an awfull feature of Katalon Studio which should have never been invented.