Katalon recorder not working

When I tried to record on katalon for on of my colleague, the browser was opening but clicks and other functions were not recorded why so? can you please help me


Can you please close the katalon recorder and try again.

Hi @Shakkir, These links should help you …
You can do a Google/YouTube search for ‘Katalon Web Recorder’ for many others.

Katalon Studio 5 - How to Record and Replay:


@Shakkir When I used the Web Recorder, I had a few situations where it would not collect the element but it was generally on a button that had a complex pathway. So, is your situation similar where it’s only the occasional element or is it all elements? If it is all elements, I would just shut the web recorder down and restart it to see if that fixes your concern. Or even restart the KS application.

Edit: Or even restart your machine.