Unable to open project. Resource Exception

After updating my local Katalon Studio and pushing to Bitbucket with changes made in the new version I am unable to open my project on any machine. As soon as I pull from my Bitbucket server the project I am working in throws an resource exception in the following image:


Thank you for any help! Was not sure if this was a bug so did not post to bug forum.

Anyone able to help me with this issue? Unable to open projects in any form in the mean time. Thanks!


@devalex88 Could you please advise, there seems to be quite a few experienceing the same “sort” of issue after updating or moving operating systems

Also @Christian_Crosser please could you move this to bug reports instead of General discussions

Try the advice posted by @Brandon_Hein here:

(Brandon, refactor this as a Tip and sticky it.)

Thread closed. Follow up here: