Unable to Open project in Katalon Studio


I am unable to open the project in Katalon Studio,

Its saying

Unable to open Project.
Reason :

Please provide an appropriate solution.


Any update ?


Can you please provide us with the version of KS you are using and more information on the issue.

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Version 5.10.1
Issue is :

Its weird, I was working on project and closed the machine. When I have reopened it. I am not able to open the project. I am getting the error shown in screenshot.

Please note that project still exists in my local machine.

Secondly I am not even able to open the project manually too via open project.

hmm im not sure - @devalex88 can you advise

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One more thing - if you click on details, does it give you any further information on the error?

Is it possible for you to send us the whole project? Otherwise, we will deliver a daily build today with debug information added.

Please find attached screenshot, this is when I tried opening the project.

I am sorry, its not possible for me to send you the whole project

@hpulsford @devalex88 Any idea?

Still waiting for the solution.

Hi @Ashish_Sharma

What is the latest version of the issue you are facing? Please attach Katalon Studio log file.


Hi duyluong,

I am unable to open my project in Katalon. Showing EOF Exception as follows,


Please help me out in this issue.