Unable to Login in Katalon application


  1. I am using katalon in LinuxOperating System. Getting Error while login "Canot Connect to TestOps Server
    Please check your Internet Connection and Try again "
  2. But in Browser I able to Login.
  3. I also check for Configure Authentication Proxy Unfortunetly Geeting the same error. please check screen shot.

    Please solve this ASAP because it’s a show stopper issue.

Premchand yadav
Email : premchand.yadav@multilinetech.in

In the Authentication Proxy Configuration dialog, in the Address field, what do you put? The screenshot above shows you put http://analytics.katalon.com. This is not right. In the Address field, you are supposed to put the IP address of the Proxy server on your organisational Intranet.

What is the exact value of the IP address/port# of your Proxy? — I do not know. If you don’t know, ask the network administrator of your organisation.