Cannot connect to Katalon TestOPs server

Hi Thanh,
I downloaded the latest version (7.2.2) for windows 64 bit system. During activation, I am passing correct email id and Password but getting the error “cannot connect to katalon TestOps server, Please check your internet connection and try again”. But I can login to Katalon site with same email id and Password. I tried with version 5.7.1 then it is activated (with same email and Password).

Please guide me to activate the latest katalon version.
Pratap Kumar Sen

Hi @pratap.kumar.sen

Are you currently behind and proxy ? If yes then please go to Proxy Configuration in Activation Dialog, choose Manual Configuration and provide the necessary information.

Hi @ThanhTo,

Thank you… It is working now :slight_smile:

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Hello I got the same case,but in my case I cannot connect when I didn’t use proxy setting .can you give me a solution?

I’m struggling with the same. Please tell us if you found a solution yet?

@vivi.hapsari @ann Is there any special characters in your password? Besides, try again with latest release and send us the log file if you still meet the error

How do I send the log files? Can you please show or tell the steps…
Also, please let us know what special chars are allowed in the passwords?

@ann To get log file:

Hi @ThanhTo,

I already use “Use system proxy configuration” on config proxy menu.
and i can acces

But when i try to activate for version 7, i still get error like picture below.
please help me to resolve this.

I’m trying to use Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-7.7.0 after I registered in the website and downloaded the latest app available. I’m accessing a remote machine through VPN and inside it trying to use KS without any proxy. The credentials I’m using are working good in the website.
Please help.

I’m also facing the same issue. Can someone help?