Cannot connect to Katalon TestOPs server

Hi Thanh,
I downloaded the latest version (7.2.2) for windows 64 bit system. During activation, I am passing correct email id and Password but getting the error “cannot connect to katalon TestOps server, Please check your internet connection and try again”. But I can login to Katalon site with same email id and Password. I tried with version 5.7.1 then it is activated (with same email and Password).

Please guide me to activate the latest katalon version.
Pratap Kumar Sen

Hi @pratap.kumar.sen

Are you currently behind and proxy ? If yes then please go to Proxy Configuration in Activation Dialog, choose Manual Configuration and provide the necessary information.

Hi @ThanhTo,

Thank you… It is working now :slight_smile:

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Hello I got the same case,but in my case I cannot connect when I didn’t use proxy setting .can you give me a solution?