Not able to login to katalon plugin store (update email in

For reporting purposes (using Katalon from command line on VM) I installed the Basic report plugin on my local machine and on the VM using my accountname, but when I want to reload the plugin or go to manage plugin in Katalon I get a login dialog. The username in the Username field is not my username and I can not edit it.

When I enter my pasword, it fails to authenticate. On the VM I have the same issue but it suggest a different user name.

How can I activate this plugin in Katalon studio to be able to get the csv and html reports?

Hi @Marijke_Van_De_Steen,
How did you activate Katalon Studio? If you executed offline activation, then the username field will be displayed as you showed.

Thank you for your reply, but yesterday I was able to change my account name / email in .katalon\ and reload the plugin.
I did use offline activation.

The information in User contributed notes on helped me with that issue.

I had some trouble logging in as I use an azerty keyboard and some keys were not recogized. With a ‘simple’ password I could log in and reload the plugins. Running test suites from katalon studio now generates the reports we are using to evaluate test runs.

However I still have problems to use the basic report plugin when running test suites from console. We have scheduled running test suites in TeamCity on a laptop, but using the APIKey in the command does not work.

Do you have any idea what I am missing?
An example console command I am using:

C:\Java\Katalon_Studio_Windows\katalon.exe -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -projectPath=“C:\Java\repositories\katalon\ibiskatalon\ibiskatalon.prj” -reportFolder=“Batch_Reports” -reportFileName=“report_SmokeTest” -retry=1 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/SmokeTest/RegressietestSchooljaar_2017-2018” -executionProfile=“default” -browserType=“Chrome” -apikey=db3d2670-9b30-4ea6-8bf1-23a6c866bfed

@Marijke_Van_De_Steen I’m sorry for this issue. Could you please give us some logs?

Also please try apiKey instead of apikey.

@devalex88: using apiKey resolved the problem. Thx!

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I used the same method to activate (was easier than keep remembering my login password) and was blocked here. Had to remove the [application-properties] file to make it work again.