Unable to identify objects for overlay pop up - Mobile App

Hi Team,

I am not able to identify an object for pop up pages
How can we handle this case ?
Please suggest me and find the attached screenshot for reference

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Can you please clarify your case? That you receive some errors (if yes, please give us) or your code cannot find the locator even it is true? Have you tried with manual test?

I am trying to test mobile automation with native app
There is a one screen which pop up/overlay page is there but I am not able to identify object to click on the pop up page with mobile recorder or spy ( I need to tick check box to accept and go further)

Please find the attached screenshot and provide me how I can handle that page and object to click on it
I have tried with lot of option but unable to identify and click on it and blocked with that page
Could you please help me to get it sort out ASAP if possible will connect on a call and will share the screen if required

Please let me know if anything required


Any update on this?


Do you provide the correct locator of the box you want to check? Please try to check the locator manually to make sure it is visible and clickable. If you receive any error log, please provide us. In the meanwhile, more information from doc Locators and Object Identification in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs or some other discussions (Root cause: Object Object Repository/test/mytext not found) - #5 by Chris_Trevarthen or I can't spy or record on android mobile might be helpful.

Hi ,
I have tried with many attempts and tried but no use
Can we connect on a meet link if possible for you ?


Sorry that we cannot provide a meeting with you as our policy. If you are a paid user, please help raise ticket here and you can ask them for live support. Thank you


Ok Understood. How can I resolve this issue?
Could you please give some suggestions