Can't record activity in a popup without url

Trying to record activities, such as clicking on buttons, inside a popup window, I noticed that katalon can not find the popup window in any of the methods provided (title, url and index). In fact, the popup does not even have an url, because it remains the url of the previous page. How can I do?

Can you show us the screenshot of your popup window?

I am facing the same problem here on Mobile recorder,
the issue is that we have a main activity, and inside of that activity there’s a popupWindow
but I cant seem to find the objects inside of that popup even with Mobile Object Spy

can someone help please

I am facing the same issue here.I can identified the elements in the popup window but when I run my test script, it is unable to identify the popup window.

Unable to set text ‘test msg’ of object ‘Object Repository/Page_My Messages/input_123215a’ (Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException: Web element with id: ‘Object Repository/Page_My Messages/input_123215a’ located by ‘By.xpath: id(“123:215;a”)[count(. | //input[@type = ‘text’ and @id = ‘123:215;a’]) = count(//input[@type = ‘text’ and @id = ‘123:215;a’])]’ not found)
see screen shot example

can someone help please


Have you tried with WebUI.switchToWindowIndex() or WebUI.switchToFrame()?

It is difficult to tell just by looking at the screenshot. Share some HTML.

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