Unable to identify object for mobile dialog/popup message - Mobile Automation Testing

Hi Team,

I am trying to find the object through spy or record but unable to get object so due to this issue unable to add in test case and not going process

Please check screenshot and provide the script mode if anyone have an idea on it

HI @prakash.a,
Welcome to the community.
Need additional details to give solutions to your challenges?
can u share with me the code you see on your mobile spy screen?
share the ss in below format

HI Bharathi,

Please check attached screenshot and provide the script

I’m unable to click on dialog box which I should be checked and proceed further but not getting object to click

Please let me know how to handle this kind of screen

The object for the displaying screen in not loaded in the mobile recorder under the All objects section.
please follow the below steps

  1. do mobile spy not record mobile after you navigate to this screen click Capture object button.
    2.just select all the Objects until the your required objects got highlighted in your mobile view screen
    3.select the checkbox of the object and click save.

Hi Bharathi,

I have tried with spy and record both still unable to identify the object Apart from dialog box remaining background objects are capturing
Please provide any script to get it clicked
I have tried many script after searching in google (i.e switch to webview etc…) but not getting any result

are you trying to get the object for the checkbox on the screen?

can u expand this part and share me a screenshot?

to be more specific all android. view. view from the highlighted line

Hi Bharathi,

I am not able to identify that object with spy or record and expanded all widgets and clicks then verify each object

But still I’m not able to check the box please check attached screenshot

i need this one to be expandes in ss


HI Bharathi,

Please check my latest screenshot which I sent in previous mail
I have opened all threads and tried but still no use

Hi Bharathi,

Any solution for this ?

Hi @prakash.a ,

Can you scroll the view of ALL OBJECTS to the end and take a screenshot of it?
And please let us know your app technology. Is it an native Android app or a hybrid app?

Hi duyluong,

Please find the attached screenshots for your reference
I have expanded all the object and tried to click each and every object but unable to click on it
Please help me to get it sort out

Our app technology - Native Android App

Hi Team,

Please help for above issue

@prakash.a ,

I saw that Appium doesn’t recognize the view of “I agree that”. I think we need your app to investigate further. Can you share the app with us in the private chat?

that element you shared is not there in the source it seems.
the only possible way is to use the x and Y positions of the screen.
or try opening the app in appium and check for that element text.

Hi Team,

Can you please share me the method so that I can add in script with my object