Unable to execute katalon script via CLI mode with Katalon Engine 7.1.2

I was earlier working with Katalon command line, old versions like 5.0 but with the new update of the Katalon 7.1, i am unable to run my test script using the updated katalon Engine 7.1.

I have used the api key also,but not succeed.

Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong
Also, if using CLI mode with Katalon is now available with paid version of Katalon?

It seems you’re trying to run offline. You will need to generate an offline license to operate KRE in that mode:

If you continue to have issues, please post your command line.

do i need to purchase a license for this? or this is available free?

Hi @Vivek

You should download the Katalon Studio’s latest version (v7.2.0) and try again.

And make sure you have a license for Katalon Runtime Engine.


Hi @Vivek

If you are looking for offline activation, then the feature is available only for paid license.

To activate online, first go to C:\Users\10303050.katalon\license and delete the license file. You can see this path in the picture that you posted.

Then please make sure that you are using a business email for Katalon account to be eligible for trial of Runtime Engine.

In TestOps, visit your personal page. On the left panel you should see Licenses section. If you are eligible for trial, you should be able to see the expiration date.

Finally, you need to include an API key in your command line. In the above image, you should also be able to see the API Key button on the left panel. Navigate there to see the API key, create one if none exists.

Refer to this documentation:

Regards !