Console Mode Execution in Katalon

We tried to execute katalon tests in console mode of execution But it didn’t work .
steps a) Installed katalon studio runtime engine b)clicked build cmd command in main tools bar c)Generate command d)put the command in command prompt where katalon studio is installed d) Following error is displayed - Offline adtivation failed, online activation for console mode failed.

Do we need license to utilise this feature ?. Please help

Any solutions?


If you register an account with a business email then you’re automatically eligible for a trial period of 30-day of KRE and KSE. When you generate a command using the command generator in Katalon Studio, the API key field will be automatically added to your command.

(this process of retrieving API key may take a second, wait for the field to be populated).

When you use Runtime Engine to execute this command, the API key will be used to check your account and see if there’s a trial license and use that.

After 30-day trial, you’d need to purchase a RE license to continue using Runtime Engine, and a KS license to use KSE.


Hi, yes 30-day free trial for business email account, after that you have to purchase licenses to keep using KSE and KRE. Katalon Studio will revert to the free version if you don’t purchase KSE license after 30 days.

Sorry I deleted your message by mistake.


Please provide your command, and check in Katalon Studio > About to see if you’re using KSE, it would provide proof your trial period is active.

okay.We can use it free trial version for 30 days .Then it will become inactive automatically. is it correct?

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