Unable to delete the scheduled test run in TestOps

I scheduled a few suites just to test and set them to run repeatedly on a weekly basis, but now want to delete those schedules as there are some changes going on on the application and the client has asked not to run them.

But I was not able to find a way to stop the Test Suites from running at a specific time in the future. It just keeps on executing and failing (due to application chnages) and the report is being sent to all.

How to stop the pre-scheduled run? See the screenshot and it has already run multiple times


Note: Test Suites are picked from GIT repository


Thanks for your post, Iā€™m checking internally for a solution for you.
Best, Sara

Hey let me know if we have a solution for this. Thanks.

Hi @hemant.mishra, Thank you for following up. Please follow these steps in this video to disable schedules. With pre-scheduled test runs, we can only edit and turn off the scheduling function. Hope this helps.

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