Unable to connect to katalon update server - Linux

It is quite possible that the server is just down for maintenance over labor day, but I figured I’d check just in case something else is up.

I’ve been using the Linux GUI and when I started it toady I got a message that it is unable to connect to katalon update server. With the following expanded details:

Unable to connect to katalon update server 

My currently installed version is 5.4.2 (I haven’t been using this machine for a bit due to getting other tasks done) so it is also possible that I need to download fresh to update the linux gui.

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Now that 5.7 is out for windows and mac, I’ll try again to update the linux edition next time i’m using that machine (Mac at work, linux at home).

GUI version of Katalon Studio for Linux is still in beta phase, so update will not work in this case.

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I understand. Thanks for the update. Do we have a rough ETA when ya’ll hope for it to be out of Beta?