Katalon update error

Unable to download update file from Katalon server
java.io.IOException: Unable to delete file: D:\other\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-8.2.5\configuration\resources\update\8.6.6\download\resources.tar.gz

@noor.ahmed, Try reinstalling 8.6.6
Go here for releases: Releases · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

@noor.ahmed - I Updated my katalon studio successfully from Katalon Help->check for updates on 19th Agust-23, Can you try from there.

thank you for you feed back

What I found that , if downloading is already in process, and we again click on Update , then we get this error

what is current version of KS that is using by you

If you are getting error during update KS, then you can also download latest version of KS from testOps Download arrow option.