Works in ubuntu for 5.4 but 5.6 says linux is not supported

Why is it that the older version starts and seems to run normally, but if I accept the upgrade to 5.6 the software announces that Linux is not supported?

We have about half of our test team running Linux and most of the developers who would like to contribute tests are on Linux. The lack of solid Linux support is really a concern for our use of Katalon. I was willing to switch JVMs to make the Studio run, but to be locked to a specific version is very concerning.


The current GUI version (5.4) of Katalon Studio for Linux version is in BETA phase. Besides of that version, other versions on our Download page still use console mode version until we maintain it or announce official GUI version of Linux.


Hi Katalon,

Will official linux support be released soon?
Katalon is just too good!