UI testing for Microsoft Excel document level customization developed using VSTO


I am working with a product based on Excel. This is a Desktop application

This is a document level customization developed using Visual Studio Tools for Office and .net framework.

The product has a custom tab in Excel ribbon, which has UI elements such as (togglebutton,button,checkbox,etc)

My requirement is to test the UI part of the application.

Followed below steps;

  1. Open “Windows Action Recorder”
  2. Click Browse button to select Application file
  3. The Open dialog filtered for file type “.exe”

Since the application I need to test is a Excel based document level customization, the extension is “.xltx”

  1. Any way I have given the full path of the application (ex: \myapplication.xltx
  2. Next I clicked the start button.
  3. The application started externally but not inside the SCREEN VIEW of “Windows Action Recorder”

Further I have checked whether is it possible to do a UI test for Microsoft Excel.

For Application file location I provided the Microsoft Excel’s path (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE”) and clicked Start button.

The Excel opened externally but not loaded inside SCREEN VIEW of “Windows Action Recorder”. Also got an information message from Katalon saying “Application Closed.”

My questions are

  1. Whether the Katalon studio ONLY supports the Desktop based UI test for “.exe” type?
  2. Is there any limitation when loading Excel Application ?

I am currently looking into the tools that can be used for UI testing. Please clarify.