Typing values with decimal points

This may be a super-basic question, but how do I type a number with a decimal point into a field (using Recorder)? I’m using Type but , in desperation, have tried a number of other things.

I can input whole numbers (e.g. 8, 100, 1234 etc…) but if I try to use a decimal point, it doesn’t work.

2.7 becomes 7
122.56 becomes 56.

What am I missing?

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Hi Stu

I just tried this and I can’t repeat the problem.

Where are the erroneous values appearing? In KR? Or the AUT?

It’s in Recorder. It’s a super-basic test - or at least it was in Selenium IDE. I’m happy to send you through the url and a sample test if you like.

I’m just a regular user, not a member of KMS support, but sure, post a URL and I’ll take a look.