Release 5.7.5 Impossible to type/sendKeys Decimal number in a field

Since the new release 5.7.5, I cannot use correctly the command type or SendKeys for sending decimal value in a number field:

pushing the value

After executing the command type or sendKey, the value in the field is incorrect: only the decimal are pushed It should be there 35675.95 but the value displayed is 95

Could you please help me for passing correctly this test if it’s not a bug (it was properly working in the previous release).

Thanks for your support

@ThanhTo Hi :slight_smile: Could you tell me please if my problem is an know issue or if I do a mistake in my test? Does it exist a workaround for doing the test correctly ?

Hi there,

We have tested a scenario using sendKeys command and it works just fine. Could you provide us with a screen recording or a gif of how you’re using it, so that we could further investigate what’s going on.