Two script files created for one test case

Ideally one Script file should be created for each Test Case in Katalon. Is there any possibility that two script files can get created?
I just noticed this in my project whereas the Date Modified for both the files were different, so they were basically different versions.

Any idea how is this possible?

Thanks in advance

Well, they’re clearly different file names so I’m assuming the contents are the same or similar and that Katalon’s Tests Explorer lists them side by side with the same name?

While it may seem peculiar, I can imagine a few reasons that happened. If you’re using source control (Git, SVN, etc.) perhaps one was “absent” and it was reinstated? A merge (manual or automated) went awry?

Without more info and history, it’s hard to say…

I follow a totally seperate solution for this.

Put all your tests in a folder named test/ and Create a file tests.js in the root directory in the order of execution

— tests.js —
And in the tests files one.js, two.js and so on write your simple mocha tests

this way if you want to run them in the order you have defined then just run mocha tests.js

I was also thinking this.
Just wanted to know if there is any other possibility.

Thanks for the response.

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