Groovy scripts naming in Katalon


May I know why a groovy scripting which is corresponds to a test case in katalone being named with some random numbers at the end
The random number doesn’t looks like a timestamp… may I know what it is
For example the groovy script file for a test case named as - Script1558680436926.groovy
why this is in’t the name of test case ?


  1. It is timestamp (milliseconds included)
  2. Your test case must be converted to groovy script before it is executed and it seems Katalon requires some kind of uniqueness for those scripts, so the timestamp is appended.

The folder that its stored in should be the name of the test case, so it shouldnt cause much of a difference as you should still be able to identify which test case is which.

only issue that i see with this is , when the test case is renamed , assume its being done multiple times
every time the groovy script name changes , so the version control system sees them as untracked

even if the name is same, the vcs will see it as modified,so you have to commit it.
so, just do ‘git add *’ before to commit, or use ‘git commit -a’ if you are using cli

as the name of groovy file is getting modified with the new time stamp, the vcs will see it as a new file and an untracked one … and not a modified one … if its modifed one , it would be have been much more easier …