Trial for using Agents from Testops

Is it possible to use this without a license or gain a trial license for the use of this ? I am looking to implement Katalon into my workplace and i need to essentially prove that our tests can be run overnight…
The issue is that I have been unable to get any tests to run from my agent as it says I do not have a valid license.

Can i get a free trial for this anywhere or do i just have to pay for the month to test this ?

When you first download and execute Katalon Studio, you get ~30 days to evaluate Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) edition for free. Thereafter, your KS will “drop” the enterprise parts and revert to the free edition (plain old KS).

The differences are documented here:

Hi @mike.clarkson

It’s important that you’re using a business email to be eligible for trial.
Another important thing is to include API key in your command line.

Please also post the console log when you fail to run the agent, it would help a lot.

Regards !