Transfer project from Windows to Mac

Cannot open a project on Mac, which I created in Windows and transfer it to the Macbook. Meanwhile, I am able to open a project I created on my Mac machine.

When I try to open the project I get “ResourceException” saying it failed to read the project description file.
There is a solution?

The question already been asked:
Windows 10
macOS High Sierra
Katalon 5.5.0

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We are having same issue. We can open the project in Windows Katalon v5.8.6 but unable to open it on Mac OS Katalon v5.8.3.

We see Warning window:

Unable to open project.

Invalid project description.

Any idea what is going on?

I know how to reproduce “ResourceException”, though I am not sure if it is identical to your case.

  1. Supposing I have a Katalon project named “CURA-Test-Project” which I can open with Katalon Studio successfully.
  2. I make a copy of the “CURA-Test-Project” and name it as “CURA-Test-Projectのコピー”.
  3. open a file “CURA-Test-Projectのコピー/.project” with some editor. The .project file is the config file for Eclipse.
  4. delete some lines in it, or entirely to blank; save it into the .project file. This results the .project file is present but is broken for Katalon Studio.
  5. open the “CURA-Test-Projectのコピー” project with Katalon Studio.
  6. Katalon Studio raises “ResourceException” as the following screenshot shows:


I suppose you have the /.project file broken. You broke it somehow when you copied the project from Windows to Mac.

スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 7.10.42.png


Shutdown Katalon Studio, delete the broken .project file, and restart Katalon Studio and open the project. The .project file will be recreated by Katalon Studio if not present.

Unfortunately it does not work. When I delete the .prj file, KS was not able to find project?

Anyone here found the solution

At 18 November 2018, I examined deleting the projectName/.project file.
Now you examined deleting projectName/projectName.prj file.
These are 2 different files.
The .project file is created by Eclipse platform which is the core part of KS.
The projectName.prj file is created by Katalon Studio.
You did something different from me.

As I explained in the previous post, a corrupted .project file causes a ResourceException; but you can try deleting the .project file. Katalon Studio still can find the project and recreate the .project file.

Shutdown Katalon Studio, delete the broken .project file, and restart Katalon Studio and open the project.

Ah, yes. It will happen. Deleting the projectName/.prj file is not a way for cure; a complete destruction. Without the *.prj file, the directory is no longer a katalon studio project. Katalon Studio will not be able to find it as a Katalon Studio project.

There is a thing you can try.

  1. rename the directory of the destructed project to something else: e.g, myProject -> original
  2. start Katalon Studio; create a new Project with name of myProject.
  3. copy the Source code directories as listed below from original to myProject manually using Mac Finder or bash cp command.
  • Checkpoints/
  • Data Files/
  • Drivers/
  • Include/
  • Keywords/
  • Object Repository/
  • Profiles
  • if you have one
  • Scripts/
  • Test Cases/
  • Test Listeners/
  • Test Suites/

I was using git and pulling the project files was created the problem. Somehow not all files was coming from git.
I have copied katalon project directory from a colleague, and everything was fine.

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