Till when community version is avilable?

We would like to know till when community version is available.

If by “community version” you are referring to any version previous to the 7.x.x generation, then you would be able to activate that version until April 30, 2020, as long as:

1.) You are activating it with an existing Katalon account. New accounts will not work.
2.) You are activating it on a machine that is already known to the old activation servers. New machines will not work.


we would like to know for version greater than 7


The following doc explains about what they call “Free License”.


Let’s see the following page in Katalon website.

There you do not mention that “Free License” is available at all. Therefore any one who is new to the Katalon product would wonder: don’t they provide Community version at all? The page at a quick glance gives me an impression that Katalon wants to make money and not willing to offer “Free License”. I am afraid that in long term Katalon would loose new commers.

I know that the impression I got is a misunderstanding. So I hope you change that page to be friendly to the community.

We had similar confusion around this. Nowhere does it state that the Trial Version eventually becomes the Free Version after 30 days.

Hi everyone, I think the first (10 or so) lines addressed this concern.

@ThanhTo Right, we eventually found it in the fine print.

I think @kazurayam’s concern is that this information is not present on the download page or any of the https://www.katalon.com/ pages, but rather buried in the https://docs.katalon.com/ pages, and that this is probably by design to drive sales.

I wanted to know if Katalon has any plans to discontinue the Free version in near future or not? We have to take a decision right now to keep investing in Katalon or not. Can someone please shed some light on this.