The recorder does not escape characters properly

Hi there,

I’ve a rather serious problem with the recorder.

I have created a test suite that inputs “Bad text” into all text fields in my web app to make sure that the web app is escaping them properly. But, the recorder itself doesn’t escape them properly and it and it makes a mess of the test suite file.

I store my ‘bad text’ in variables. Here are a couple of examples of the text: (see attached pic, I can’t paste them in here as this forum escapes the chars!)

The recorder ‘remembers’ previous values of this variable in the Target drop-down menu. These are stored as options in the saved HTML file.

Each time you save the file, more tags are added to the file for these commands, even if you didn’t edit the value in the recorder. Eventually, the files becomes a mess and stops working.

First of all make a backup copy of your all tests. It’s really important becuse if you make even a small typo it will mess your file/files even more and you will not be able to open them in Katalon.

About remember previous values which create mess i found a simple solution.
Use Notepad++ or something similar, (be sure you have a backup copy of your files) open messed file, press CTRL + F (check once again you really have backups :smiley: ), go to “Replace” tab and rewrite from “Find what” and “Replace with” from screenshot and be sure to use “Regular expression” in bottom left corner, then just click “Replace All”.

Remember about backup.

If you want to do that in many files at once use tab "Find in Files and use proper folder

I am not responsible for any eventual errors :smiley:

What it does it is looking for all option elements in datalist and change them to just one option (it necessary to have at least one option in option tag).

Excellent - that’s for the work-around. I did it manually before, but this should make it quicker.