Testing text fields for encoding problems

I have a test suite that tests inputs and text fields in my web app to ensure that it handles certain characters properly. For instance, if someone enters & or </input etc into a field, we don’t want that to break the user interface.

This test suite used to run fine, but Katalon recently changed the way they handle strings, and now I can’t even save this ‘bad text’ in my tests any more.

The suite works by having various variables that are set to character strings that would cause problems in the UI (like the example above). But now Katalon recorder strips these out of the TS on first run, so I can’t now use them in my tests to put these text strings in my textfields on the app.

Does anyone know how I can fix this. e.g. can I encode the string for instance?

You marked this post to belong to the category “Katalon Recorder (Browser Extension)”. But you wrote something about “Katalon recorder” and “TS” (possibly Test Suite). I am confused. Are you using Katalon Recorder? or Katalon Studio?

Could you elaborate this with reproducible examples?

Hi there,

Yes, TS = Test Suite and I’m talking about Katalon Recorder.

For string handling, try setting a variable like this and then use that variable to put the string into a textfield, then check the content of the textfield by comparing it to the original string. It will fail because Katalon is stripping out characters.

Argh! This blog also strips out the text. In the above where I say ‘like this’ I had this as a text string (I’ve added it as a picture to avoid any re-formatting)

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 10.29.45

Could you use “Code Formatting” as follows:

Hi @Rob1

Can you show me what’s the correct string and what’s the string that KR is parsing right now?