The Click Button doesn't work for Chrome

I’ve tried all different things but Click doesn’t seem to work for Chrome? or anything, it gets stuck. I’ve read the comments to put focus and I tried but still in some Click it doesn’t work? help?

is there any error messages or logs that I could use to investigate the case?

No so what happens is I’ve got a click button and it clicks however the page seems to be stuck on that page, so when the next step says click on drop down it can’t find the drop down because its still on the previous page? If that makes sense.

I know this is the case, because when it runs and gets stuck on that page, as soon as I click on the button the test continues fine.

So the button is not clicked on Chrome.
Which version of Katalon Studio are you using?
Could you try adding a WebUi.delay() for some second before clicking the button? Hope that we have more information on it.

Try with WebUi.delay(). I have faced the same issue. but solved with delay.

Yes Thank you delay worked.

if the delay() works, you could try the function waiting for element clickable. This way will make the test better at execution.

This is a common question.

More info can be found here:

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