Tests in Chrome hanging on V7.8.0 and 7.8.1

I updated my Katalon Studio to V7.8.0.208 yesterday and since then any test suites I execute in Chrome hang after reaching the end of the first test case.

I can close the browser and the test continues to hang never failing or completing even if the test was successful or not.

I have updated the webdriver for Chrome to “87.0.4280.20”, tried deactivating Katalon and activating again but nothing helps. There are also no errors in the log viewer/console/event log.

My tests run perfectly on Firefox, has anyone else had this issue?

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The issue still persists with V7.8.1. Have changed back to V7.7.6 and worked perfectly.

My issue seems to be related: Hanging at end of called test case

This is a problem that needs serious investigation. Nothing is logged about this issue anywhere. It just hangs.

I’ve also seen this in 7.8.1. Version was used to run test scripts that contain ‘Call Test Case’ scripts and after the first test case call, the script just hangs and does not progress. Using Chrome v.87. Like @danpoleary there is no fail message, the script just does not progress. Thanks Dan

Guys, I’ll move this to bug reports. Just to be clear, this is on Chrome ONLY - correct? And you have ensured that both Chrome and WebDriver have been updated - correct?

I do wonder if this is related, but this bug is hitting Chrome and Firefox:

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This is Chrome only, and I have confirmed chromedriver version matches chrome version. (v.87)

I have tried Edge(Chromium) and Firefox, both latest versions and no issues occur.

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